I want to marry an ordinary man – Ghanaian actress

I want to marry an ordinary man – Ghanaian actress


Ghanaian actress Zynell Zuh has vowed never to date or get married to a celebrity no matter what.

“I don’t see myself dating or getting married to a celebrity because it usually doesn’t work. First of all, the possibility that he will not have enough time for me is 90 percent true. Secondly, I cannot stand competing with different woman who will definitely wan’t my man for themselves.

“I can’t date a musician, an actor, a TV presenter or any popular person because I am 100 percent sure it would not work no matter how hard I try. In fact, I have tried my best not to fall for any celebrity no matter how handsome he looks” Zynell told Showbiz on Monday.

Known for her performance in movies such as Adams Apple, Seduction, Single Sex, Deadline, Scam, The Battle, Wannabe and Living Ghost, the 28- year old actress J said she would rather date an ordinary person who is not popular.

Explaining why she would choose ordinary person to a celebrity, Zynell said with that, she can be assured of 100 percent attention and full commitment.

“People are always looking for negative stories about a celebrity wife or husband so if my man is not popular, no one will notice him. But once he is popular, he has no private life and he is exposed out there” she said.

According to Zynell who just produced her own movie ‘When Loves Comes Around’ featuring Jim Ikye, Prince David Osei, Confidence and herself, she has read about celebrities whose marriages never materialised no matter how many years they spent together.

Asked if she was jealous, Zynell replied: “1 think I am the most jealous woman on earth. I need my man to give me all the attention in the world.”